For the last few months, I’ve been writing short prose stories for the new comics imprint, AHOY. Their titles are like Vertigo comics, but with humor. In fact, writer and editor-in-chief Tom Peyer is a Vertigo veteran — look for his stories in Wrong Earth and High Heaven. Other titles include Captain Ginger and Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror. (The Poe covers by Richard Williams are worth the price of admission.)

Besides comics, AHOY prints short prose stories, poetry, and cartoons. The issues that have stories by me are (to date) Wrong Earth 2-4, and High Heaven 2 and 4, with more to come. Here’s a nice compliment I got on adventuresinpoortaste.com:  “‘Transformation’ by Carol Lay is an incredibly original short story that deserves a lot of praise. It’s the kind of smart sci-fi that fans have been clamoring for, especially in comic books (even if it is prose).”

carol lay